Saturday, September 25, 2010

its a hobby for me to pick a fight.

hehehh. yea. my loved ones. him <3. i dont know why, but its just too FUN to pick a fight with him. well, its not that i didnt love him, i do. its just, i love the fact that he's easy to teased. hahaha. sometimes, im kinda abashed when while we're fighting, im  the one who has to give up. hello!! i hav my pride oke? but he usually didnt get the concept of TEASE. hahaha. well, dats okay. nobody's perfect.

u see, im not a prim lass dat does everything in a perfect way. im sometimes gullible, becoz of my silly thinking way. but im getting matured day by day. so better watch out. and readers, i dont think that the words im saying is gibberish to you. you got dictionary in ur house rite? so wats the purpose of having it but u didnt use it? use ur brain laaa! dont be such a dim witted pperson.

dear readers, i love my family more than anything else. i love my best freinds more than my lover. n i love my lover jut the way he was. yes, he's important to me, and i love him. i'll be so sad if we have to be apart bcause as u all know i dont want stuff like that happen to mee. hes really important and i want to be with him as long as i can. but if fate wanted us to be apart. theres nothing i can do. all i can say is. u hav a special place in my heart, n i cnt tell u where it is coz me myself dun know where it is stated. ;) iloveyou. and i guess it is important for you to know dat. ^^

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