Monday, November 1, 2010

i wanna know you :)

When I saw you over there,
I didn't mean to stare,
But my mind was everywhere,
I wanna know you

Gonna guess that you're the kind,
to say what's on your mind,
But you listen when I have something to show you.

There's a mark above your eye,
You got it in July
You're fighting for your sister's reputation

You remember people's names
Valentines are lame
So I bring you flowers just for no occasion

I wanna know you!

I wanna go there, where you go
I wanna find out what you know
And maybe someday down the road,
I'll sit back and say to my self, 'yeah I thought so'

You smile, never shout.
You stand out in a crowd
You make the best of every situation

Correct me if I'm wrong,
You're fragile and you're strong
a beautiful and perfect combination

I like how you are with me
In our future history
And Maybe someday down the road
I'll sit back and say to my self,
'Yeah, I thought so'

I thought so

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