Wednesday, November 24, 2010

oh honey , im afraid ure mistaken.

err , hahahh. my dear , im afraid you have made a terrible blunder. :) honeyy , you're cute. but im not trying to be you. noo. i never think about being like you at all. so stop telling people i was copying you because im not. im just being me and im happy with it. i really dont have problems with you and i hope you dont make one. your lies about me is blatant. stop it dear , i respect you as a fren and i hope u too. i really appreciate it if you take that back about what you say to others about mee , ohh ! i understand , ure too shy or should i say ashamed to take that back bcouse of your egoism. ahahh. i get that . :) its okay tho , i just wanted you to stop faking stories about me , im not cute , noo. and i wont say im fat either to get attention coz the truth is im not , in kinda thin actually. ehee. :) oh noo , im definitely not white like you , im a bit darker as what they called 'KUNING LANGSAT' . so yeah , im not perfect , i have my loved ones , and leave your fucking ass off him .ehehe. sorry im kinda rude tonite , but wat the heck? do i look like i care? look at me , =.='' i dont care. :) hahaha. well, thats it for now. still , i love you as a fren. goodbye.

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