Monday, December 6, 2010

according to the title

yeahh , according to it. i may hurt someone's feeling here. but , as you all know me. im the 'don't care' type of person. im sorry. but this entry does not related to anyone. but if u think i wrote about you , then you might suffer from paranoia. :) its a little frustrating you know , when most people talk about something. they actually LIED. its a blatant lie though you dont need to read those words between the lines. how insolent of you my dear. you know its not nice to lie. infact, its a sin. ohh dear. iloveyou. i really do. but, what u did is unforgivable. hahaha. well, yeahh im still gonna continue my revenge towards you. oh noo, its not the first time you lied to me. i know im quite gullible so that you can trick me easily. but noo, hahaha. my dear , even though im naive, but i have a sharp mind. so, wait for me yahh? ^^ one last word , iloveyousomuch. ^^

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