Thursday, December 9, 2010

a morning to the afternoon :)

do yah understand the meaning of the title above? if dont , then dont waste your time understanding it. get it? hahaha. aite manda stop it. this morning to the afternoon im gonna write about a girl that can't forget her ex. well , their break up is kinda harsh coz the girl is quite a player somehow. when she accidently saw her ex, she suddenly remembered the moments when they are together. hahaha. what a sweet moment to have. but girl , you have to admit , its your fault that he left you. hahaha. he moved on to have a better relationship with a more appreciative lass. he's a lot more happier now. but the lass was afraid that her boy couldn't forget his ex too. as his ex also love to use her sex appeal to seduce him. oh godd. just die you whore!! the lass said in her deep heart core. but, if her boyfriend still can't forget his ex. then the lass have to surrender for the girl. :) but somehow the lass will fight for him, as she knew, slow and steady wins the race. ^^

p/s : sorry girl but you miss out. well tough luck that boys' mine now. we are more than just good frends. this is how the story ends. its just too bad you couldn't see. what a man that boy could be, there is more than meets the eye, i see the soul that is inside. ohh. we are so in love, haven't you heard? how we rock each others world. :) 

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