Monday, January 3, 2011

BRB. :) Be Ready Bitch.

huh, i dont know how to say this. but, boohoo! i've already won. err, ehehh. i know you wanted him so bad. you're an imbecile you know that? :) come on bitch, or should i say THE SNATCHER? hmm? yeahh. theres plenty of fish in the pond. do you really have to take whats mine? you're pretty! i give you that. =.=' but dont use your charm to get what your want. its not nice. girl, what im trying to tell you is that, GET LOST!!! do i make myself clear?!! geezz, i swear these bitches gets dumber every year! erhh! ohh, sorry sorry! i guess i got i little carried away just now. ^^ ehmm!! yahh. please do stop bothering him, as you know he dosent has any feelings for you. okay i think im gonna stop before i blow up my own volcano. ahahh. toodles!

p/s to a friend : hahh!! amacam? oke taa? ^^ anything aku buad utk kao lahh kawann. iloveyou! well, aku dah tlg kao tulis ape yg tersirat dlm ati kao, sekarang kao kene banje aku milo ais. ^^ ehekk. samesame.

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