Saturday, January 15, 2011

do you believe in Magic?

puff out the pixie dust , make a wish , take a chance, make a change,
then finally you breakaway. 

ahaha, percaya kah korang dekat keajaiban? atau miracle? hmm? kalau saya, fuhh! percaya lah jugak. sebab keajaiban ni boleh blaku bilabila je. tpi, ni semua ats kekuasaan Dia. kita tak boleh terlalu riak bila mndapat satu keajaiban. bersyukurlah kerna ia merupakan sesuatu rahmat. I was agitated to know about miracles and magics. I'm fond of information you know? ahaa. :D seriously, when i read about something interesting, theres no way or no one can make me do something else. until i finished reading it, then i'll be doing my chores. haha! ^^ have you watched A Walk To Remember? well, i've watched it, and its friggin like its the best movie everr!!! i want to see miracles in people i love, my loved ones, my bestfriend, my family, my friends, and some other people that i know. believe with your heart, then again you'll gain success. yeaa, korang suuka tak dengan benda yg mencabar? if tak, korang bole crik short cut dalam idup, tapi ingt, stiap short cut tu akn buad korang susa satu hari nnt. :) its LIFE we're talking about!!! come on!! and live thru it! ^^ DO NOT forget Him as he creates all of you. this is your life, its your choice to make what you think that worths.  

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