Friday, January 14, 2011


I have a dream
A song to sing
To help me cope
With anything
If you see the wonder
Of a fairy tale
You can take the future
Even if you fail
I believe in angel
Something good in everything i see
I believe in angel
When i know the time is right for me
I'll cross the stream
I have a DREAM

ahaakk, these are the lines that i remembered until now. Westlife never dies. does this song sounds familiar? hmm, guess so. ilovethissong. :) it all begins with a dream. and to make it come true, we have to do plenty of things to do. so, what is your dream? Dreams can be categorized to many subjects. such as your dream boy/girl , your dream house, and many more. the reason i posted an entry about dreams is because i have seen many dreams come true. :) and i envy those people. its an arduous task to achieve your dream. failure happens to all people, even to successful ones. im not the kind of lass whose jabbering around when im idle. its just like a macabre drama to me. =.='' ehmm!! you poor angel waif. see a need, fill a need. i hang to those words ever since i grow up. when you dreamt about something, find a way to achieve it.  i wonder, if i relapse, would anyone notice? apparently not. :) dont nag me, i'll tut. so long chaps and lassie. :)

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