Friday, January 7, 2011

an interlude.

hmm, looks like my chicken pox is gradually decreasing. :) yeayy! my face is getting better. Alhamdulillah. im soo happy that finally i can go back to school. im missing my friends. :) i also miss my bao bei. ahaa. saya rindukan awak sayangg. fewitt! ^^ this tuesday i'll have my sports training. as im the Sapphire group. hope Sapphire will win this year. talk about this year, i may not be blogging too much as its getting hard to find an interlude. well, as i stay in SMK CONVENT, i'll have a pile of endless homeworks and revisions. ohh godd, i need to be calm. SPM is near the corner and i still act like a doodie. =.='' come on manda! grow up! ure sixteen and this year is your last yearr!! erghh! come to think of it, this year is the best year in  my life. i hope. aminn. i have to pray ceaselessly so that i have good grades in my exams. its not easy, and its not hard either. i have to make the best out of it. :) okay, i think i'll stop now. i want to drink my diet coke. muahaha. cherio~.

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