Wednesday, January 5, 2011

my beloved guardian. :)

ahahh. ^^ talk about my guardian makes me feel high. :)  well, he certainly has a name. but it is classified. ohh hes just so perfect being a guardian to me. our first met is at his house. when i accidently followed my mom to her frens house ; which i think it'll be bored to go. but heyy, fate happens every time. turns out it was the delightful day of my life. after that, on the dine table, we talked. no, i didnt ask his name. =.='' we talked about school and how boring it is. ahahaha. nahh, he's 1 year older than me. he had a boring sense of humour i tell you that. =.='' but heyy, people aren't perfect. he's mischievous!!! like SUPER DUPER mischievous!!! i like iit!! ^^ but i hate it when he tricks me. =.='' its really frustrating coz he always had the idea to turn the situations awayy. grr!! but, its okay tho, and i love it when he followed us to our village. :) im quite happy coz at least a had a fren to talk rather than my irritating sister. =.='' hehehe. sorry shaa. okay, back to the story. the next day, he brought us to the awe inspiring and breath taking waterfall. its DEEP!! i repeat, the water is DEEP!!! and my guardian taught me how to swim. aww. so sweet!! ^^

he made me eat my vegetables, yuckk! XP ahahaha. he walks by me all the time, he laugh at my stupid jokes, and he also prevent me from getting my revenge to that woman. ^^ ohh how i love you my guardian. :) together we guide each other to the correct path of life. u gave me light as i do the same to you. i prevent you to drink those alcohol and smoking. and i even hide the shuriken you used to throw at the poor box. we're protecting each other. :) and that made ur ex frustrated. ehee. not my fault. she left u rite? ^^ okayy. there's a lot more to write about my guardian. but let this be the lasst. i dont want to reveal any secrets between us. hmm? yeahh. ilovemyguardiansomuch! ehek. ^^ you're like the Peter Pan and im the Wendy. but this story is twisted. the difference is i took you to Neverland and we had so much fun there. and without realising the time went by so fastt. I had to go home. :)

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