Tuesday, February 8, 2011


" pretty, pretty please,
don't you ever ever feel,
like you're less than, less than perfect,
pretty, pretty please,
don't you ever ever feel,
that you're nothing, you are perfect,
to mee. :) "
yess, don't you ever feel yourself so useless, don't ever make yourself  down, because everyone is not perfect. if you had problems, tell me, i maybe help you. if you feel like crying, just land your head to my shoulder, and i promise, that i'll cry with you. no questions asked. i adore you so much, that i  care about you. i love you so much. that i hide all my true feelings, just to let you be happy. its not easy as it is said. i'll help you no matter what. lets share our feelings together. i even can stay awake at 3 am just to hear about you. you know i don't mind. but please, don't take my kindness for granted. i beg of you. my wish this year is to make everyone i love happy. i want to put a smile on everybody's face. let them remember, what i had done to put a smile on their face. yess, im gullible, but im not stupid. im easy influenced by others so help me to the right pathway of life. i miss my guardian truly. i miss the moments so much it nearly make my tears shed. instead of tears flowing to my cheeks, i'd rather cry in my heart. my tears are expensive and i won't let it out until something really touched me deeply. to my late bestfriend ; i wish you were here, giving opinions to my contributions, it is sad when you're gone. but, a promise is a promise. :) i will move on. so friends, lovers, families, and enemies. thank you for making me grow up. i really appreciate life nowadays.  iloveyou. so much that it makes me cry.

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