Tuesday, March 1, 2011

tentang kehidupan.

okehhh!! life is uncool!! tak adil!! asdfghjkl!!! mnbvcxz!!! poijhgvcx!! ahhh manda shadap youu!! *terus diam* haa pandai pungg. eghh. when i woke up just now. from my sweet dreams. :) (err, idup lagi rupenyee =.='') i realised. there's no cameras, lightings, backgrounds, and all sort of fake stuff. its because im in a REAL world. face it, we all wish we're in a somewhere better than right now right? when all the stuff we want is in front of our eyes, when all the happiness happen everyday, where no hurts and lies were told. its a happy place for merriments am i right? hahaha, peoples, snap your finger! realise now that this is life you're living!! its the world, yess, it may not be fair and square, or even equal to anyone. thats a test you have to pass. :) so that you can live happily ever after in the another world called ETERNITY. by that time, God will choose whether you've made it in HELL or HEAVEN. so make a purpose for your life. be who you're meant to be. don't FAKE AROUND. surely you have friends, well, not all of them are good, some of them just wanna stab your back. stupid bitched can't get themselves straight. imbecile. =.='' tak guna lah kau berkawan semata-mata untuk tikam dia dari belakang. dasar pengecut. mana maruah kau?

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