Friday, April 1, 2011

alien monster. dear heart, why him?

all my life, and here after, i've never seen, someone like you. you're so hypnotizing. could you be the devil? could you be an angel? your touch magnetizing, makes me feel like im floating. they say that i should be afraid, because you're like a knife, sharp and deadly. and for the worst, you'll cut me into two. but honey, i don't mind. in fact i liked it. you're not like the others, futuristic lover, different DNA, and they certainly don't understand you. ;)

i think you're from another world, from a different dimension. you made me open my eyes. that we should take risks sometimes. i can't be a good girl for so long. and i can see that in your eyes, theres love and fire. i can feel that you're burning through. please evacuate my heart before its too late. don't let me die inside while im still having a period of time to live. and when i do, kiss me, wake me up. infect me with your love and fill me with your poison. i don't want you take me as a victim, im not ready for abduction. oh boy, why you're such an alien? your touch is so foreign, its supernatural, extraterrestrial. this is transcendental, on another level. hahaa, boy u're my lucky star. don't ever doubt that. iloveyou. and thats the only NOT an alien word i can say. ;)

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