Friday, May 20, 2011

hye there. :)

hemm, its been a long time. isn't it? aku rase dah berhabuk blog aku nii. coz time aku nak log in, tiba-tiba aku terbatuk-batuk. sape BELIAU yang kutuk aku tuuu?!! ahaa, oke, mule dah aksi bangang nii. hahahh. actually, aku tak bole nak log in blog sbb dkat google chrome tk leh sign out blog asha. =.=' damn you! err, not for you shaaa, but for the system. so at last, aku pun gune lah mozilla firefox. rinduuw. ='>

my life lately is getting better day by day. i think. being single is not so bad after all. ^^ i just saw something that touched my heart. ahaa, well, at least they're happy together. i still can reminisce the moments. hahaa. well, good luck on your journey then. ^^ ohh, abang Azim aku pun da pegi Segamat. haihh. i'll miss you abangg. ^^

hmm, memandangkan aku baru update, i just bought my Nikon D5100. pretty awesome for me. yea, of course i miss my facebook. but hey, i can't activate it without new defaults rite? :') so gimme time, i promise i'll reactivate it during this week. ngehehehe. yess, i miss all my friends there. but do they miss me? apparently not, we'll see. ^^ hahaaa.

i have a crush. i won't tell who coz you readers wouldn't know who he is. ^^ all that  i can say is. ppsssttt! ILIKEYOU!  and last but not least. i don't know what to type anymore. so byee. <3

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