Tuesday, July 30, 2013

3 2 1..

I miss you!! Like a lot!! Here are some people that I've been dying to hug. Hem, some of them I can't hug though. Hahaha. So the nominees are. Jengg jengg jenggg!!! :D

1. Tan Sri Ahmad Damanhuri bin Mansor

Ada gaya Tan Sri takk? hahahaha. Well, he's my daddy. My knight and shining armor. Hahahaha. Princess rindu daddy lahh. :'( I miss his jokes so much. And not forgetting the times we used to have. Miss you daddy!! ^^ sediakan duit raya bila akak balikk! ngeh ngeh ngehh. $_$

2. Datin Lina binti Abdullah

Siapa mamat tu? -.- Anyway thats my mommy right there. She's the queen of my heart. We shared the same interest about music. Hahahaha. I miss her so much. So I'm spending this Eid with her. Can't wait to go homee!! ^^ weheee!!

3. Princess Samantha Nuraieen

I miss this person the most! My everything. My dear sister. Aku ingat lagi dia nangis masa aku masuk PLKN hakhakhak. Poyo. I miss our hugs, our bedtime stories, our moments, our kisses (wait..whatt??) our sisterhood honesty hour, I miss that. I'm sorry for being a total jerk. I'm really sorry. I wish I can rewind all the things I've said and done. I'll make it up to you. ;) Iloveyou sis.

4. Prince Ahmad Eeqmal Shafeeq, Prince Ahmad Eeiman Hafeezd, Prince Ahmad Afleen Aieeman (i'm not sure the spelling is right. I'm a horrible sister. -_-)

Somehow I realised that my brothers are naturally photogenic. Why not me? -_- But honestly, I have the thoughts of thinking my brothers as this.

Shafeeq, Iman, and Biak (Aieeman) And yeahh, I miss these princes, they're very good at making jokes when they're together. And that really cheers me up. Hahahaha. And not forgetting I miss those moment when I'm still a kid, I wrestled with them and made them cried. Manly enough for a little girl huh? ;) hahahah

5. Miss Mardhati Alia binti Mohd Sharif aka LAYERRR!!! 

This cutie here is my cousin. Omg dia dah kuruss!! O.O I miss hanging out with her. She's my best friend. Well, although we're apart, I still consider her as my best friend. I mean, she's the only close friend I got. I'm not good in making friends in my neighbourhood. I don't think its sad, and I regret nothing. Woii layer rindu kau lah gilaa!! (I think this is why I don't have many friends .___.)

6. Sir Fawwaz Nor Rashid (don't know his full name, I'm a horrible friend. T.T)

I told you I can't hug this guy. Goshh he looks so cool in this picture!!! :D hahaah. scratch that there. Well this guy is my boy best friend. We've known each other since childhood. But after UPSR he vanished. -.- then I met him once again during a school holiday, in a cinema. And now, I think I'm the one drifting apart. Hahahahaha. Pretty much like drama series isn't it? I'm soo sorry if I've been a total jerk to you. I know I used to be one. I've been a terrible friend. hmm. Best of luck on your life journey. I wish you all the best. (Somehow I've been thinking rushing to the airport just to see you fly from this country, and then realised that my tears are falling. but that would be a stupid drama scene. -_- so forget about it)

7. Rabiatul Adawiyah (Rabie)

I miss her too. Terribly. I'm sorry about our fights. It kinda kills me when we're not talking to each other. Manda rindu rabie. Maafkan salah manda. Tapi manda rindu rabie. Sangat. :'( I'd like to make it up to you. To everyone. I miss our guffaws, our crazy genius moments, I don't know, when I'm with her, my mind will automatically think of something weird and awesome. Rindu bulann. :'( Again, sorry. Its my fault we're apart right now.


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    1. Sir? Really? No kidding? Haihh...nevermind

    2. well I can't simply put the name MISTER ALIEN or something like that.

    3. That'll do actually...

  2. i miss you too. much more maybe? :')