Tuesday, July 2, 2013



Gahhh why the hell I'm feeling terribly lazy. So I guess I'm just gonna type randomly depending on what I feel. At first I was thinking about typing a story about Romantic Disaster where a troubled couple trying to figure out each other. And when the guy decided to propose his girlfriend by putting a ring on a piece of his girlfriend's favourite cake just to surprise her, the girl ended up choking when she greedily ate the cake without noticing the ring. And when the ring succesfully came out from her throat she was pissed with her boyfriend, and at the same time she's touched by his efforts. It's kinda sweet disastrous date really. But I'm just to lazy to elaborate the plot and the story. So if you think you can use my idea to make a story out of it. Feel free to do so. I'd like to read it. ^^

I can't help it. Being lazy after doing my assignments is really a disease that can't be cured. So I'm laughing all the way thinking how silly I'm doing. But I don't really mind, I also can't help it with this princess attitude. Made my friends annoyed too. Its not really my fault, I was spoiled by my loving daddy. Ahh how I miss him. This is the first time I'm experiencing Ramadhan without my family. This make my eyes leak. :( Why can't they move here anyway? Haih. Patience Manda, this is a challenge for me. I need to put up with this challenge to make my dreams came true. Switzerland I'm coming. Then come back to Malaysia and start doing some changes for the better. So seriously I'm starting to feel lazy to type so this is the end then. Byebye

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