Saturday, July 27, 2013

My Family


No you're not quite right. I wasn't gonna describe about my family one by one. Its just recently I've made new facebook account so I'm trying to add my family. So far I'm friending with my sister, brother and my mum. I can't find my dad mana orang tua ni tu lah hot sangat sampai anak sendiri pun susah nak add. -.-

But then I've been stalking them and this is the best part. It made my day just by reading their posts. I started to miss being with them all the time, having fun with my family, joke around together and not forgetting the fights. Hahaha. Rindu lah nak wrestling sama sama. I remember how it feels like being there with them, especially my parents, I don't have to pay for anything!! I want to be a child once again. To be an independent lady is not easy. So, more adventure more fun right?

A friend once told me, 'You can't rely on your family forever' clearly she got her point right there. But for me, whenever you had the chance, just go for it!! :D hahahah. Its kinda ironic when this friend of mine always giving me advice about being independent yet she's the one who needs all the attention. What the hell? -_-

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