Sunday, September 15, 2013

Treasure Chest


Have you ever see the look on a child's face, 
The way they smile at you,
So innocent, yet so soothing

Have you ever wonder,
The look on your parents, when you achieved something
Irreplaceable as it is precious

Have you recall your friends guffaw, 
When you hang around together,
Its like you want them to stay together, not losing one of them,
For Friends is Forever

Have you reminisce the moments,
You had with that someone special,
All the laughs, the fights, the tears,
And you find yourself missing him/her even more

And have you forgotten the ones,
That used to hurt you so much
You prayed so hard to forget them,
And ended up forgiving them anyway?

All that I experienced, is something I won't trade it with the world. The past, I learned from it, whether its good or bad. The future, I'm chasing it, whenever I think about giving up, because it sometimes seems impossible, I ended up finding a new direction to achieve my future. The present, I'm living it, taking all difficulties as opportunities. Making memories as I go. Getting lost and have an adventure. All these, is treasure. And I shall cherished it, till the day I stop breathing.

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