Friday, June 27, 2014


Your delusional mind,
Stating that your influence still haunts me.
It's not.

The reason I'm casting you out of my life for good is that you never influenced me. We're not enemies. Better yet we're not even friends. Never were. And never will. You're just a memory I'd kill to forget. Oh yes. I'd kill. To forget you. If that's what it takes.

I blame myself for let my standards went that low. And because of that, I've lost some sweet memories some people would kill to experience. I let myself drowned in agony, which is a source of your happiness. A miserable masochist if you ask.

But now, not anymore. I'm relieved to say. I made it. I've finally found my own source of happiness. I found peace. When I'm with the Almighty and the ones I loved. They helped me break free. I thank all of you. The Creator, daddy, mummy, Asha, Alien, Schatzi, and close friends. It took a while to realised how blessed I am.


And as for you. You know who you are. Yes. You're just a ghost now. You can't hurt me anymore. Go on. Laugh. You can never put me in misery. Never. Not without my consent. Cheerio. 

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