Thursday, June 11, 2015

Say YES! to the SHOES.


Every woman knows that without the right choice of shoes, it can definitely ruin your outfit, ruin your day, and probably your mood. Women should always figure out the shoe designs which fits their personal style and match it with any outfit they have hanging in their closet. More important, on what occasion that pushes you to wear suitable shoes. Either to wear flats, or heels or flip flops or sneakers and girl I tell you, the list is endless. 

For the ladies who are clueless when it comes to shopping for shoes offline or online, here are a few shoe shopping tips to follow.

  1.Right Size

You should always choose a shoe size which gives you comfort when you are walking in it. Not telling you to play it safe. But you should probably have a test shoe drive and walk in it before purchasing it at the stores.

"Better safe than sorry, right!? First, try on the shoe size that you typically wear. Then try on a half size smaller and a half size larger. Many people are stuck on the numbers, but different brands—and even different shoes within a brand—vary. Your feet will tell you what size to buy.” - Anyi Lu, ANYI LU INTERNATIONAL

Meanwhile, if you already know your size or have no time to go to malls, shop for it online using the size chart available on the shopping website. Getting the right shoe size is important as you do not want to wear uncomfortable yet painful pair of shoes everywhere you go. Not to mention about blisters you'll get when you wear the wrong size of shoe, and you have to cover it up because your feet is not as flawless as before. You wouldn't want that regretful feeling, would you?

 2. Appropriate Height

It can never be denied that women do love to wear a pair of high heels to have that extra boost in height. High heels always give women that feeling of power and confidence to go about their day. But never be reckless, thinking the taller you get, the more confident it makes you feel.

The higher the heels is not always the better. Have you watched someone wears high heels so high that she fell and broke the heel. No? Well I do! So pay good attention. Because the shame of falling and broke your shoe heels will haunt you for the rest of your lives. *spooky sound effect*

Opt for something with a proper height to your figure as with the wrong high heels; you will definitely feel that confidence level decreasing fast. And we all know that would be a total nightmare. Ain't nobody want that!

However, if you are the 'not-so-into-high-heels' type, you can use wedges heels for alternative. Wedges are the cute type of shoes for women to be honest. Plus you don't have to worry about broken shoe heels. And you can go for the height that you want! Always remember, not too high. As you might get uncomfortable. 

 3. Buy Shoes with a Statement

Shoes with a statement are designed to bring out that extra glam to your plain outfit. It's like you when you wear it, the whole world stops and stares for a while. For example, a bright coloured red pair of high heels can turn your LBD into a more spicy sexy touch.

Show them that you are the designer of your life. It's okay to rebel a little. But not too much. Someone will probably snap your pictures and post it on 9gag. And when it goes viral, you're probably gonna end up to be the next who will show up on How Do I Look episodes.

Dare to play with colours, designs and straps of the women shoes available in the market which represents your true personality. The most important is BE CONFIDENT!! The perfect shoe will dazzle your plain outfit effortlessly.

I guess that's all from me. Hope this helps you ladies to wear your personality! Stay awesome and dare to be YOU. 


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