Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Deadly Saccharine

You always call me your happy pill
I guess you are mine too
I never thought I would be addicted to the feel
They call it... Happiness

Little do you know
That deep down inside me
Well I guess its too late now
I'm afraid you're already addicted to me
We're so sweet together
I forgot how to stop
Cause whenever I'm not around
You seemed to be like a lost hound

I can't make you understand why I'm fading away
All I know is I can no longer be your happy pill
Because this happy pill will slowly be the death of you
Yes, I'm killing you inside
Can you tell me otherwise?
Can you convince me that I'm wrong?

This situation will mark the death of one or another
Either you or me
I'd rather make the sacrifice for you
I know, I'm aware..
This is the most selfish decision I've made
And yet there's no any options to choose

But no matter what happens between us
Please know that I'll always be there with you
You're the deadly happy pill
I'm willing to end myself with

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