Monday, November 2, 2015

Failed but Fun Trips


Recently my friends and I went on so called failed trips because what happened during the trip doesn't go as planned. At first we wanted to make a surprise birthday party for my sayang and capik (because they have the same birth date). Anyway things go wrong and I'm on the edge of giving up. 
Thank goodness I have this idiotic (in a good way) friend told me just go to where we should go. I'll tell you about them later. Probably in my next post. 

To make long story short, let me describe the flow of our magical-and-miserable-at-the-same-time vacation.

We stayed at The Kabin, Pantai Remis Selangor for 2 days 1 night. We have a blast as during the night one of our member went cuckooo~ Anyway that night we went crazy for sure. And we're grateful as nobody showed up in front of our door telling us to keep our voices down.

The next day!! After checkout we began headed to Ipoh, the original plan was I'm going to Ipoh, ALONE. But alas, they're here, might as well let them explore a bit. So I suggest they follow me to Ipoh. And they said yes! Pheeww now that's a relief.

This is where our journey started to has it ups and downs. Mostly ups because we managed to make the best our of everything.

Our Major Attraction is the Kellie's Castle. Then went to Manjung and Lumut, to have dinner and kareoke, We sang at the top of our lungs, telling jokes and most of all, laugh till we no longer can breathe.

There's more pictures to show. But I guess this is enough. All I wanted to say is, they're hilarious. Every one of them. And we had our fun indeed. So I guess 'the unexpected trip are the best ones' apply to this situation. Therefore, hypothesis is accepted!!

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