Thursday, November 26, 2015



On 7th November 2015. Yes. My graduation day. I get the Best Academic Student award. Praise to Allah for that. But I could never done it without them. I need to thank these people for they're the reason why I accomplished my achievements today. ^^ 

My family.

My dearest, the ones that I love the most. The most important person in my life. My life, the source of my happiness. My family. Your endless supports, advices, money transfers (lol), i can never repay that. All I can do to repay is to make you proud. Thank you so much mummy and daddy, for raising a freaking legend hahahah. Thank you to my brothers and my sayang sister, for all the laughs, the jokes we had when we're still together. Time flies so fast, I didn't notice that we're growing further apart as we grow up. I miss our moments together. Our little talks, our silly moments, our jokes, our kau-tu-anak-kutip-je arguments, our fights, our bonding time *I'm getting emotional right now* I miss all that. And I will make sure we'll travel together one fine day. <3 

My darling.

Honey, for years now we're together, you always put up with me. No matter how I rant about the hardship of study, you're always there to soothe me. Telling me its gonna be okay, and that I can do it. And now we both graduated. Let's achieve our dreams together okay? Let's plan for our future, but don't forget to enjoy the present, and only look back to the past when we need something to learn. Never forget our Creator too. Thank you for being here with me. I appreciate it very much. 

My bestfriend

Deyyy alien! I know you're busy with your final year and all. I just wanna say I made it. Yeappp. I made it alright. Although I felt quite sad you're not here during my graduation day but that's okay. I understand you're busy in UK. Well let me know your graduation date so that I can come menyibuk ehehehehehehehe. Also I want you to be my tour guide when I arrive in UK. Till then, I made it oppa. Thank you for your harsh but useful advices. ^^ Sincerely - your heartless tapi dihati ada taman tema genting highlands bestie. 

My close friends.

Oh you guys and girls who make my world go round!!!! What would I do without you!!! Thank youuu for your endless patience and tolerance towards me. Although I can be a bit bossy, pushy - that sounded so wrong .__. but who cares moving on, annoying, crazy, you still embrace me, not even try to change it once. Thank you for this journey, the adventure I had with you guys, I will cherish it the most. Thank you for picking me up when I'm down, thank you for guiding me to the wrong path, and bringing me back to the right ones. Hehehehehhehe. I love you guys so muchh. Always keep in touch okay? Especially my best friend kekal. You know who you are. :') 

Those that look down on me. 

I understand that my life is clearly better than yours or vice versa, for you have the ego upon yourself, to think that I am lower than your level. Well, maybe you're right. Maybe I'm much lower than you. You don't have to admit who you are. I may not prove anything to you, but I obviously prove something to myself. That whatever I'm doing, I always do it passionately, I am happy with my achievements, my dreams are gradually coming true. I hope you live your life well. ^^

I guess that's enough. Here's some pictures to show. Credit to those who took my pictures. Thank youuu so much for letting my face menyibuk in your phone/camera memory!~~~

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  1. I know it's late but congrats manda! You deserve it girl :)